About me-
Monika Petelczyc, PhD in area of complex systems

Lectures schedule


Physics 2, lectures
time: 8.15-10.00, classroom: 118, EiTI

Mathematical methods in Physics, calculation classes
time: 11.15-13.00, classroom: 24K IS

Psychophysics, calculation classes
time: 13.15-14.00, classroom: 24K IS

Physics introduction, calculation classes
time: 15.15-16.00, classroom: 104 EiTI


Biophysics and elements of biochemistry, lectures
time: 10.15-13.00, classroom: 110, PB*

*Physics Building


Wednesday 10.15-11.00

Friday 13.15-14.00

room 136 (PB)

My work

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scientific interests

  1. Time series analysis of cardiovascular data for risk startification, diagnostic applications – by nonlinear methods
  2. Autonomic balance and disfunctions in cardiological disease
  3. Causality and coupling in physiological signals
  4. Stochastic processes in modeling and analysis of biomedical data
  5. Statistics in medicine
  6. ...

Publications and conferences are listed: here


examples of tutoried bachelor (B) and master (M) theses

  • Stochastic models of the dynamics of time series with persistent noise (B)
  • Application of markers of time irreversibility to physiological data (B)
  • Quantitative description of fertilization-induced Ca2+ oscillations in mice oocytes (B)
  • Methods of multivariate analysis in the classification of cardiac patients (B)
  • Methods for complementing missing values in time series and statistical datasets (B)
  • The influence of heart rate on the mechanical properties of the left ventricle in the pressure-volume loops representation (M)
  • Analysis of return intervals fluctuations in heart rate variability recordings with arrhythmias (M)
  • Parametrization of outlying events in pathological recordings of heart rate variability (M)
  • Cardioventilatory coupling strength during low physical effort (M)
  • Symbolic dynamics approach for casualty assessment in physiological records (M)
  • Estimation of adaptation level to physical effort using regeneration phase (M)

Theses in Polish are given here

students: academic year 2019/20

Winter semester

  1. Physics 1: lectures and calculation classes for Biomedical Engineering
  2. Summer semester

    1. Physics 2: lecture & calculation classes for Biomedical Engineering

    2. Mathematical methods in physics: calculation classes

    3. Biophysics with elements of biochemistry: lecture for Medical Physics

    4. Questions? I would be pleased to answer your questions.


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Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology

Koszykowa 75

00-662 Warszawa

room 136

e-mail: monika.petelczyc@pw.edu.pl