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Institute of Physics Jagiellonian University


Conference Fees

& Payment
before 20.09.03 after 20.09.03
Members of EPS 240 Euro 260 Euro
Members of National Physical Societies 240 Euro 260 Euro
Non-members 300 Euro 320 Euro
Business Representatives 400 Euro 420 Euro
Accompanying Persons 60 Euro 70 Euro
Full time students (without the conference dinner and accreditation required)
120 Euro 130 Euro

The fee includes admission to all scientific sessions, the abstract booklet and proceedings. It includes coffee and cakes for the duration of the conference and the conference dinner.  The conference will begin 13th November at 9.30.

Payment of the registration fee can be made in cash at the conference desk or by bank transfer to the following account:

Bank PEKAO S.A. IV Oddział Warszawa, Poland
Acc. No 81124010531111000005005664 (APFA4)
Account owner: Politechnika Warszawska, ul. Koszykowa 75, 00-662 Warszawa, Poland
Details of payment: Registration Fee for APFA4, please mention the NAME of the participant.

For Polish participants: please include NIP number of your institution. 

Please make sure that bank transaction fees do not reduce the amount of payment. If you choose this method of payment, please fax a copy of your bank transfer to Faculty of Physics Warsaw University of Technology (+48 22 628 2171).

A limited amount of funding will be available for those most in need of support. Individuals wishing to apply for support should outline in a letter to the EPS conferences service the reasons for the support request. 

Registration form for application of Physics In Financial Analysis 4
Please fill in the form below (Please no accent)

last name
first name
city (add zip after city only for UK and USA)
telephone (with country code)

fax (with country code)

I will be accompanied by Yes No
last name
first name
Society membership  
Are you a member of EPS? Yes No
Please indicate your affiliation  

EPS Individual Ordinary Member
National Physical Society Member

Are you a student? Yes No
Student Card Number
Applications for the student rate must include a photocopy of an official student identity card which must also be presented on site.
Payment method ( Cash payment is only possible on site)
Registration fee in Euros
You should receive an e-mail confirming your registration in two days. If there is no reply please contact to the apfa4@if.pw.edu.pl.