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Institute of Physics Jagiellonian University



This timely conference covers the latest approaches to understanding financial market behaviour, volatility, and risk. It brings together financial market practitioners with researchers working on the analysis of financial markets, including the application of ideas from the physical sciences to finance.

The presented papers cover the whole gamut of topics, including :
market modelling, risk management, agent-based modelling, hedging in incomplete markets, game theory, foreign exchange markets, time series analysis and prediction, efficient market hypotheses, equilibrium and non-equilibrium markets, economic and financial networks, growth, macroeconomical models. The opening session will be devoted to the macroeconomical modeling at the National Bank of Poland.

It is planned that the APFA 4 Conference starts on 13. Nov. 2003 at 10.00. The closing will be on 15 Nov. around 17.00. On 15 Nov. a visit to the Warsaw Opera will be arranged at the evening.

APFA4  Programme:  http://www.if.pw.edu.pl/~apfa4/all.html