The image with bridges at the title-page of our web site comes from the proceedings of the international symposium "From Polonium and Radium to Exotic and Superheavy Nuclides" (See the title page of this proceedings, left.) The symposium was organized in 1997 at the Faculty of Physics, by the former head of  Nuclear Physics Division 

Prof. dr. hab. Stefan ∆wiok

the author of many interesting papers on nuclear structure. 

The image is constucted on the base of the figure taken from the report entitled. "Nuclear structure at the Limits" presented by Prof. Witold Nazarewicz - graduated at our Faculty.

The words of the author: "Figure 1 illustrates the intellectual connectin between the hadronic many-body problem (quark-gluon description of the nucleon) and the nucleonic many-body problem (nucleus as a system of Z protons and N neutrons). The free NN force can be viewed as a residual interaction of the underlying quark-gluon dynamics of QCD, similar th the intermolecular forces that stem from QED.

...clearly, the understanding of the bridges in the Fig.1 will make this