Editors: Group Managers
Home and external co-operatio of Nuclear Physics Division (year 2004)

Ord.Nb Gr. Country City Institution Contact Subject
1 4 Poland Cracow Nuclear Physics Institute Prof. W. Florkowski Heavy ion reactions simulation
2 4 Switzerland Geneva CERN Prof. J. Schukraft ALICE experiment
3 4 France Nantes SUBATECH Prof. B. Erazmus Eksperiments with heavy ions
4 4 France Strasbourg IRES Prof. Ch.Khun Experiments with heavy ions
5 4 Holland Utrecht NIKHEF Prof. P.Kuijer ALICE (ITS) experiment
6 4 Italy Catania INFN Dr R. Barbera ALICE experiment
7 4 Russia Dubna ZIBJ Dr R. Lednicky Hadrons femtoscopy
8 4 Ukraine Kiev Inst of Theoretical Physics at Ukr. Scient. Academy Prof. Yu. Sinyukov Particles correlations, hydro model
9 4 Finland Jyvaskyla Lab.of Univ. Accelerator  Jyvaskyla Dr W. Trzaska ALICE experiment
10 4 USA Brookhaven Brookhaven National Lab. Prof. T. Hallman STAR experiment
11 4 USA Columbus Ohio State University Prof. M. Lisa STAR (HBT) experiment
12 4 USA Berkeley LBNL Dr Nu Xu STAR experiment
 13   Poland Warsaw Warsaw Cyclotrone U200P Dr E.Piasecki Experiments on the ions beams
14   Poland Warsaw CLOR M.Sc. K. Mamont - Cieśla Investigations of the air contaminationon evaluation on health damage from radon
15   Germany Hamburg DESY F1 Group ZEUS experiment
16   Poland Warsaw  Warsaw University   Prof. Jacek Dobaczewski
 Atomic nucleus structure theory
17  1 USA  Seattle  University of Washington  Prof. Aurel Bulgac   Multifermions systems theory
18   1 USA  Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
University of Tennessee
Prof. Witold Nazarewicz
 Investigation of the neutron-excess nuclear systems
19   1  Belgium Brussels  Universite Libre de Bruxelles  Prof. Paul-Henri Heenen   Application of the  Hartree-Fock and Hartree-Fock-Bogolubov method for nuclear matter in neutron stars investigation
20   1 Sweden  Stockholm  Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan  Prof. Ramon Wyss   Atomic nuclei vibratory excitations
    Prof. Jerzy Dudek
 Atomic nuclei  with exotic symmetries vibratory excitations excitations