Editors: Piotr Magierski , Bronisław Słowiński
Seminar of Nuclear Physics Division 
In the summer semester of 2003/2004 acad. year  the seminars take place on Wednesday,  . 1615 - 1730 , room no  111  of Physics Building  

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Division Seminars (acad. year 2003/2004)

Ord.Nb Title Lecturer Institute Date
Microscopic approach to the nucleus-nucleus potentials and cross sections at intermediate energies
Prof. Valery Lukyanov   JINR (Dubna) 24.03.04
2 LHCb - experiment for precise measurements of CP break in beauty particle decaył  Dr  Marek Szczekowski
3  Spontaneous break of chiral symmetry in nuclear rotary spectra
 MSc Przemysław Olbratowski
4  Problems and physical conceptions of nuclear energetics 
Prof.  Bronisław Słowiński   WF PW