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Subject Grants Membership

Subject matter of the scientific investigations in Division
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1. Atomic Nucleus Structure Group

  1. Investigation of the nuclear matter property in neutron stars.

  2. Investigation of the collective excitations in fermion systems (metallic clusters, quantum dots, atomic chilled systems).

  3. Investigation of the superheavy nuclei structure with using effective interactions microscopic models .

  4. Investigation of the strong deformed nuclei structure ( super-deformation and hyper-deformation).

  5. Fast rotaring atomic nucleus structure investigations.

  6. Investigations of the atomic nuclei with large excess of neutrons or protons.

2. Moessbauer Spectroscopy and Magnetic Investigations Group
  1. Investigation of Moessbauer effect in nano-cristallic foiles and powder materials.

  2. Investigation of the conduction and Hall effect in amorfic and nano-cristallic foiles.

  3. Investigation of the foiles and nano-cristallic powders ferrite magnetic properties.

  4. Calculations of the solid body electron structure by new methods on the base  Monte Carlo methods and Accelrys/Cerius programs. 

3. Nuclear Physics Radiation Group
  1.  Physical bases of nuclear energetic.

  2.  Properties of electromagnetic cascades.  

  3.  Elastic scattering of relativistic ions on atomic nuclei in eiconal approximation.

4. Heavy Ions Reactions Group, HIRG
  1. "Two-nucleons systems Nuclear Interferometry"; realisation of E286 experiment in. GANIL Lab. (France)

  2. Investigation of the time-space heavy ions reactions development by hadrons emitted with small  relative velocities correlation analyses.

  3. Investigation of the stange particles production in relaativistic ion reactions. 

  4. Computer simulation of the relativistic nuclei reaction with Monte Carlo method use.

  5. Participation in STAR experiment  in BNL, Brookhaven National Lanoratory,  NY, USA: non-identically particles correlation analyses in small relative velocities area.

  6. Participation in preparation ALICE experiment in CERN ( European Organization for Nuclear Research, Switzerland/France): the works on the software preparation for correlation particles analyses, elaboration, implementation and coordination  works on the data bases (DCDB) for ALICE detector construction, works on the data acquisition system (DAQ) from semiconductor strip detector (SSD).  

KBN Grants and other external financial sources of the Division scientific works

Ord.Nb. Gr. Sort of Grant  Time Subject
1 2 KBN promoter Grant  KBN, P. Duda,
(promoter W.Zych)
2 4 KBN promoter Grant, A. Kisiel (promoter J.Pluta) 2003-2004 Parametrisation of the correlation function with consideration of FSI effect and experimental conditions
3 4 International collaboration with IN2P3 (France) 2003 Particles correlations investigations in heavy ions reactions
4 4 GDRE (European Group of Recherche) 2004-2007 "Ions lourds aux energies ultra relativises"

Membership in  societes, committees, scientific councils etc.

Ord.Nb Gr. Surname Name Period
1 1  Włodzimierz Zych Warsaw Scientific Society  
2 4 Jan Pluta Polish Physical Society  
3  4 Jan Pluta Polish Nucleonical Society  
4 3 Bronisław Słowiński Scientific Council of Nuclear Energy Institute  
5 3 Bronisław Słowiński Experts Board relating to Scientific Papers at HEL JINR (DUBNA, Russia)  
6 3 Bronisław Słowiński Nuclear Energy Committee of Polish Energeticists Union  
4 Wanda Dudek The Szymański Prize Committee (secretary)  
8 4 Tomasz Pawlak STAR Experiment Council, "STAR Council" (BNL,USA)  
9 4 Jan Pluta, Wiktor Peryt ALICE Experiment Council, (CERN, Switzerland)  
10 4 Jan Pluta Board relating to Social Information and Education at PAA 2002-2004
11 4 Jan Pluta Scientific Council of Atomic Energy Institute 2003-2005
     12       1             Piotr Magierski Polish Physical Society  
13 2 Radomir Kupczak  BAC Experiment Council - ZEUS, (DESY, Hamburg) since 1988
14 2 Radomir Kupczak  VETO Experiment Council - ZEUS, (DESY, Hamburg) since 1988