December 8-11 (Mon.-Thur.), 2003, Budapest (Hungary)

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<==( First report by Prof. Zimanyi: "Phases of Quark Matter"

The total number of reports was 35. See the web page of the meeting for details. (Find the address above.) Here you can see only some photos reflecting the unforgetabe atmosphere of this meeting. (The talk of Richard Lednicky)==>

<==(The search for Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) is the leading idea of our studies and Tamas Csorgo is discussing the first  expectations.  )==>
<==(  Some snapshots from the talks: Yuri Sinyukov discuss the question of "Averege phase-space densities and the HBT puzzle at RHIC"

Here with his cooperator S. Akkelin..)==>

  <==( Wojciech Broniowski speaks about "Resonance production from a thermal model",

and Agnieszka Bieniek on "Medium effects on meson coupling and dilepton spectra".)==>

 Two views of the meeting room. Many of us have presented the results from theory and experiment, but see the remarks of  Tamas at the end of the meeting (below). 
<==( The monday session was finished by a common photo made by the photographer equipped with a "special devices".

It was rather cold this evening.)==> 

<==(...but it was very hot, however - during the  reception started by a welome talk of Tamas...

and followed by a nice and friendly chatting.)==>

<==( The time for conclusions - Tamas gives us his personal view "A new world discovered... but is it India or America - is it QGP or some other new form of matter" ???

Tamas propose a "model independent method" of correlation function analysis.)==>

<==( The last and strong accent of the meeting - talk of Prof. A. Białas from Cracow with the intriguing title "Nature abhors Vacuum".

 "What is vacuum? - nothing - completely nothing. Why to speak about nothing? But we know that people frequently speak hours about nothing. What is "our" nothing?"... It is impossible to recreate the unique atmosphere of  this talk.)==>

<==(At the end Yuri  has a question (as usual). "The symmetries of vacuum are broken in our world, but after some time ... some of us will probably go to the heaven becoming massless. Is it - what we really expect?"  You see the reaction of Agnieszka.

After the sessions - a beautiful viev of Budapest from Sunlight Hotel. The time of Christmas is just coming.)==>

Yes, there are more questions than answers. Is it bad and sad? No, it is great that we have so much do learn and to discover!!!
Thank you Tamas for excellent organization and I hope to return here in one year together with my colleagues. (photos and comments, JP)