Nantes and Warsaw team at the main building of Warsaw University of Technology International Project
"Strategy for Radon Dose Assessment"
Ecole des Mines de Nantes - Warsaw University of Technology,
winter semester 2002/2003 and the meeting in Warsaw: January (6-10) 2003 

"International Project" is one of the forms of cooperation between Warsaw University of Technology and Ecole des Mines de Nantes. Some months of coopreation by Internet and one week of intensive work in Nantes or in Warsaw - finished by common presentation of the results. The radioactive gas Radon was the subject of this year cooperation and the common week was arranged in Warsaw.

<==( Dr Stanisław Wołkowicz from Polish Geological Institute has supplied us a lot of very useful information and the data before the meeting, )==>

<==(  ...and is presenting us, during the meeting, the geological and environmental aspects of Radon radiation)==>
<==( The next step - visit at the Central Laboratory for Radiation Protection (CLOR)  where we see the "radon chamber" for calibration of Radon measuring devices. M-me Mgr Kalina Mamont-Cieśla explain us the construction of the chamber. )==>
<==(Next, the preparation of common presentation. Some photos showing the preparatory works )==>
<==(It was really a very intensive work.)==>
...with a short break only for common lunch )==>
<==( Presentation - the most exciting moment, attended by important persons:

vice-deans: Prof. M.Karpierz and Prof. R.Bacewicz, Dr S.Wołkowicz from Geological Institute and Mgr O.Stawarz from CLOR.)===>

<==( Some photos showing the presentation, )==>

<==( ...and some presenters.)==>


<==(The last element - reception by the Dean of Physics Faculty, Prof. F. Krok and  small gifts for the French team. )==>
 <==( It is a special "cup for physicists", with the E=mc2 written on it. 

All are a bit tired but very happy. )==>

 It was a good example of common work. Many thanks to our French colleagues for very fruitful cooperation.     (text and photos - JP)