Moja Internetowa Biblioteka Fizyki Jadrowej - (My Internet Library of Nuclear Physics )

  1. Particle Data Group -Review of Particle Physics.
  2. Nucl.Phys. A/B - Nuclear Physics A/B.
  3. Acta Physica Polonica B - Acta Physica Polonica B.
  4. Phys.Let. B - Physics Letters B.
  5. J.Phys. G - Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics.
  6. Phys. Rev. Let. , and the Online - Physical Review Letters.
  7. Phys. Rev C, and the Electronic Author Status Inquiry System - Physical Review C.
  8. Phys. Rev D, and the Electronic Author Status Inquiry System - Physical Review D.
  9. CERN Preprint Server - Server preprintow z CERN-u.
  10. ALICE - CERN Library Catalogue - Katalog biblioteki CERN-u.
  11. CERNLIB documentation - Dokumenty CERN-LIB-u.
  12. STAR-HBT - STAR HBT PWG pages
  13. LANL Preprint server - Server preprintow z Los Alamos.
  14. SLAC Preprint server - Server preprintow ze Stanford.
  15. SUBATECH Reports - Raporty Laboratorium SUBATECH w Nantes.
    National Nuclear Data Center - National Nuclear Data Center at Brookhaven:
    Baza danych z BNL: (username: NNDC, password: GUEST)
  17. Latex (in French) - Wszystko na temat edytora LaTEX (po francusku).
  18. World Laboratories of Nuclear Physics - Laboratoria Fizyki Jadrowej na Swiecie.
  19. A Picture Gallery of Famous Physicists - Galeria fotografii slynnych Fizykow
  20. Quark Matter Conference 99, Torino - Materialy Konferencji Quark Matter, 99r w Turynie
  21. Table of nuclides - Tablica nuklidow
  22. Periodic Table of the Elements - Uklad okresowy pierwiastkow
  23. My papers in the CERN database - Moje publikacje w bazie CERN-u.
  24. RHIC TUNNEL ACCESS TRAINING INFORMATION - Materialy szkolenia dostepu do tunelu RHIC

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