STAR Solenoidal T racker At RHIC
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Detector: The STAR detector is installed on the beam of heavy ions, accelerated by
Relativistic heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in USA; Long Island, New York.
The energy of colliding gold nuclei is 200GeV in the center of mass system. In the scheme of the STAR (left) you can see the main elements of the detector.
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Who could be more important than the secretaries?  Elizabeth Mogavero (right) and Cora Feliciano (left) during the Collaboration Meeting, August 2000. (Click the photo to see it better.) Liz and Cora
Our participation:  

1. The main subject of our participation in STAR is the analysis of nonidentical particle correlations in the frame of   HBT group (group leaders: Sergey Panitkin and Mike Lisa).

2. We are involved also in the constryuction of SSD detector (together with the groups from Nantes and Strasbourg)

3. The service works, participation in shifts etc. are the common activity of each STAR group and we participate in it as well.

During the 3rd Winter school on Heavy Ion Physics in Budapest I have presented a talk entitled Particle Corerlations at STAR . The conterence was mainly dedicated to thermal and hydo - models of heavy ion collisions and to the role of resonances. It seems that the proper including of resonances can be helpful in understanding of "RHIC HBT puzzle".