Computer simulation exercise

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  1. Please, read the base information about the Galton board before you start the computer simulations.
  2. Our exercise consists of two parts: qualitative description and quantitative analysis.
    • Qualitative description. You will observe the movement of the balls looking for the realtions between the development of the process and the results expressed by the final position of the ball at the bottom of the board. You have to answer also for 20 questions concerning the properties of the observed process.
    • Quantitative analysis You will make some series of measurements colecting the data. It allows you to make at home the data analysis performing the calculations of the mean values and the accuracy of measurements in dependence on the statistics of the measured samples, making comparison with different statistical distributions and testing hypothesis etc.
  3. The results of data analysis have to be presented in the quantitative and graphical forms: results of calculations, tables, histograms, statistical distributions etc. Your own conclusions are highly desirable.
Now - you can start simulations. The Internet version of the simulation code was written by Zbyszek Jedrzejewski-Szmek a pupil of the XIV Secondary School in Warsaw.
START simulations

If you have questions, please - send mi e-mail:, or directly now