Internet Physics Laboratory (InterLab)

  1. The Idea
    Is it possible to see the interference pattern or to measure the of resistance as a function of temperature - from home. Not yet, but it is only the question of time. Soon - it will be possible to control the physics experiment or technological process from distance - eg. from home.
    Now, we can demonstrate a lot of physics phenomena using the computer simulations. The results we can later verify in the physics laboratory. In many cases it is simply impossible to observe the process under study eg. the development of nuclear interactions. In this case the computer simulations can illustrate it allowing to verify different theoretical hypothesis. (*) One can give a lot of examples: movement of particles in magnetic field or gas molecules in the box; Brown movements and passage of particles through matter etc., etc. The work with computer simulations can be much more interesting than computer games. What more - it is a creative using of computer, maybe more difficult but undoubtedly - much more ambitious and giving much more satisfaction.
    So - my proposition is addressed to the young people which like to work with computer, not only to play games. The practical realisation should engage also teachers as supervisors. The common effort can be demonstrated by the Internet. The way to international competition, presentation, exchange of knowledge and experience - is open.
    OK, it is enough for begin. I will be glad to know your remarks and suggestions.
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    (*) In real physics experiments the computer simulations give information about the predicted development of the process, made with all the knowledge of the current stage of understanding. The NEW appears as the difference between results of predictions and result of experiment. In this way the simulations and real measurements appear as a complementary sources of information allowing to understand the Unknown.