Internet pages about Physics which I have found interesting

Astro.Virginia - Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics
Short description of almost all physics notions - made by Eric Weisstein.
A lot of references to other sources of informations about physics.

Dr Neutrino gives answers to "almost all" questions about physics.

The Particle Adventure
Standard Model and the fundamental experiments in physics
+ many interesting informations.

Servtech - The Physics Connection
Facts, interesting demonstrations, problems, jokes etc - about physics.

User88 - A,B,C of Nuclear Science
Explications of the general notions of nuclear and particle physics.
A lot of demonstrative posters and other teaching materials.

Explore Science
Simulations and visualisation of different physical phenomena.

EINSTETN - by American Institute of Physics
Informations about the life and work of Albert Einstein
Many other informations related to Einstein.