EMN Ecole des Mines de Nantes

EMN Ecole Nationale Superieure de Techniques Industrielles et de Mines de Nantes is an engineering school forming a part of a network of six schools educating high level engineers. Unlike most universities and colleges, these schools are under the direct administration of the Ministry of Industry. The first Ecole des Mines was founded by Louis XVI in 1783 to meet the needs of the mines at the time when safety and mining technology left much to be desired. With the changes in the industrial landscape over the years, the role of the Ecoles des Mines has evolved. No longer do they train mining specialists, but engineers capable of participating in the development of all aspects of modern day industry. The links with industry are particularly close, as the Director of the school is also Director of the DRIRE, the Regional Directorate for Industry,Reserch and the Environment. This represents one of the strengths of the training at the school.

The person that has created the image of Ecole des Mines de Nantes is Robert Germinet. He was the first director of EMN, he is the author of new approach to the engineering education in France (author of the book "L'apprentissage de l'incertain"), he has arranged some types of periodic conferences with the participation of nobel prozes in physics, etc. Last, but not least, he is the initiator of the cooperation between Ecole des Mines de Nantes and Warsaw University of Technology.

The person that is, promoting, arranging and leading many different types of common activities from very begining up to now - is Barbara Erazmus.  Starting from our participation in the experiment led by her at GANIL and developing our works on particle correlations, we are participating now in the largest physics experiments: STAR at Brookhaven and ALICE at CERN.

The Agreement of Cooperation between Ecole des Mines de Nantes and Warsaw University of Technology was signed in March 24-th 1997 in Warsaw. The cooperation includes the exchange of students, teaching and scientific staff, common participation in some international projects in education and science, experiments in physics etc.

The general arrangenment of the cooperation is led by  John Miller- Jones  an author of some new, interesting form of education and international cooperation eg. the "International Project"  in which two teams of students are cooperating using Internet.

The trainings of EMN students in Poland are arranged by  Nicole Poedras  doing it very effectively by arranging the meetings of EMN students with the representatives of WUT and EMN and keeping contacts with the coordinator of cooperation in Warsaw.

After five years of cooperation, both sides stress the good development of common actions concerning education and research. During the last meeting (July, 2002) in Nantes the new director of EMN Stephane Casserau and v-ce rector of WUT prof. Mirosław Mojski have expressed the intention to continue, develop and intensify the cooperation.  (see the report.)

The main forms of cooperation:

  1. Trainings of EMN students in Poland (each year some students of EMN make 3 month training in research institutes or industrial enterprises in Poland)
  2. Thesis preparations by our students at EMN in Nantes (Students are participationg in our research cooperation with the Department SUBATECH of EMN. The colected data are used for their Diploma or PhD thesises.)
  3. Participation oi the new method of education "International Project" in which two student teams are cooperating together in the solution of a particular scirntific or industrial problem; example "Analysis of the possibility of application of silicon detectors in the process of serylisation of medical matherials by means of electron irradiation".
  4. Participation in the European student exchange program - SOCRATES,
  5. Reciprocal visits of staff members in order to learn about specific teching methods and approached in the cooperating school.
  6. Scientific cooperation in the field of Nuclear Physics. Participation in the large physics experiments in the laboratories: GANIL, CERN, BNL.

Photo: Visit of the delegation of Warsaw University of Technology in Nantes. The delegation was led by the Rector  - Prof. Jerzy Woznicki.


  The discussion table  - from left to right:

  • John Miller-Jones - Responsible for  International Relations at EMN
  • Alain Schmitt - Deputy Director of EMN for education
  • Jerzy Woznicki - Rector of Warsaw University of Technology
  • Robert Germinet - Director of Ecole des Mines de Nantes
  • Barbara Erazmus - Leader of the Experimental group at the department SUBATECH.
  • Gerard Hegron - Deputy Director of EMN for research.
  • Jan Pluta - coordinator of the cooperation from WUT