Experiment E286 at GANIL; Photo - report

Some photographs show the details of the measurement system
and a short history of the great adventure called
Experiment E286 at GANIL.

- Entrance to the DEMON Kingdom
- The residence of DEMON
- The DEMON Masters
- The heads of DEMON
- The eyes of DEMON
- The hands of DEMON called SyReP
- The target of DEMON
- The osciloscop image of DEMON trigger
- The new names of DEMON
- The treasure of DEMON
- Calibration by Gavril P.
- International team
- Louise and the first DEMON results
- The team in action...
- The ULB team in the DEMON's kingdom
- The Warsaw team
- GANIL underground
- The lunch on the grass at GANIL
- Mont Saint Michael
- The successful finale
- Francis, Demon and...