The main building of Warsaw University of Technology You can find me
at the
Faculty of Physics

Warsaw University of Technology
just at the center of Warsaw
and at the center of our school.
The building of the Faculty of Physiscs

At the plan (right) the central campus of Warsaw University of Technology has green borders and is indicated by the words "Politechnika Warszawska", the building of Physics Faculty has the letter F. The words " W-WA CENTRALNA" indicate the Central Railway Station. [If you like to see the largest part of the plan of Warsaw (1.2MB) - click at the plan right.]==>

I am a member of the:

My position at the Faculty:

  • professor

Mail address:
Jan Pluta
Faculty of Physics
Warsaw University of Technology
Koszykowa 75
00-662 WARSAW (Poland)

At the Institute:
office: 117c (1-st floor), tel: +(48-22)-234-7375
Secretariat: office: 29 (1-st floor), tel: +(48-22)-234-7267
Instytute Fax: +(48-22)-628-2171

The scheme (right) presents some details of the Central University Campus. (cf. the map above) 

Some short indications:

  • 1 - The main building of the University,
  • GF (11) - Building of the Faculty of Physics,
  • 16 - Central canteen
  • Green lines - the ways for pedestrians,
  • Red line - the way for cars.
The entrances for pedestrians are from the streets: Koszykowa, Noakowskiego, Nowowiejska, Aleje Niepodleglosci and from the main building. The entrance for cars is from the Noakowskiego street. The pass (permission) for cars is obligatory; please - let me know if you need it.