List of Publications

P. Magierski, B. Tuzemen, G. Wlazłowski
Spin-polarized droplets in the unitary Fermi gas
P. Magierski
, J. Grineviciute, K. Sekizawa
Pairing dynamics and time dependent density functional theory
Acta Phys. Pol. B49, 281 (2018)

G. Wlazłowski, K. Sekizawa, M. Marchwiany, P. Magierski

Suppressed solitonic cascade in spin-imbalanced superfluid Fermi gas
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 253002 (2018).

J. Grineviciute, P. Magierski, A. Bulgac, S. Jin, I. Stetcu,

Accuracy of fission dynamics within the time dependent superfluid local density approximation
Contribution to Proceedings of XXXV Mazurian Lakes Conference on Physics, Piaski, Poland, September 3-9, 2017
Acta Phys. Pol. B49, 591 (2018)
arXive: 1711.02169

K. Sekizawa, G.Wlazłowski, P. Magierski
Solitonic excitations in collisions of superfluid nuclei: a qualitatively new phenomenon distinct from the Josephson effect
Account of an invited talk given at the International Conference on heavy-ion collisions at near-barrier energies (FUSION17), Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Feb. 20-24, 2017
arXive: 1705.04902

A. Bulgac, S. Jin, P. Magierski, K.J. Roche, N. Schunck, I. Stetcu
Nuclear Fission: from more phenomenology and adjusted parameters to more fundamental theory and increased predictive power
account of invited talk given at FUSION17, Hobart, Tasmania, February 20-24, 2017
arXive: 1705.00052

A. Bulgac, S. Jin, P. Magierski, K.J. Roche, I. Stetcu
Microscopic Theory of Nuclear Fission
Account of invited talk given at The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference, 11-16 September, 2016, Adelaide, Australia
arXive: 1704.00689

A. Bulgac, S. Jin, P. Magierski, K.J. Roche, I. Stetcu
Induced fisssion of 240Pu
talk given at The 6th International Conference on Fission and Properties of Neutron-Rich Nuclei, Sanibel Island, Florida, November 6-2 (2016)
arXive: 1702.08490

K. Sekizawa, P. Magierski, G. Wlazłowski

Solitonic Excitations in Collisions Of Superfluid Nuclei

Proceedings of the 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC2016), Adelaide, Australia, Sep. 11-16, 2016
arXive: 1702.00069

P. Magierski, K. Sekizawa, G. Wlazłowski
Novel Role of Superfluidity in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 042501

K. Sekizawa, G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski, A.Bulgac, M.M. Forbes
Microscopic Calculations of Vortex-Nucleus Interaction in the Neutron Star Crust
Talk given at the 14th International Symposium on "Nuclei in the Cosmos" (NIC-XIV), June 19-24, 2016, Toki Messe, Niigata, Japan

G. Wlazłowski, K. Sekizawa, P. Magierski, A.Bulgac, M.M. Forbes
Vortex pinning and dynamics in the neutron star crust,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 232701 (2016)

P. Magierski

Nuclear Reactions and Superfluid Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
- invited paper honoring Prof. Joachim Maruhn's retirement to be published as
a chapter in Progress of time-dependent nuclear reaction theory" (ed. Yoritaka Iwata) in the ebook series:
Frontiers in nuclear and particle physics (Bentham Science Publishers 2016);
arXive: 1606.02225

A. Bulgac, P. Magierski, K.J. Roche, I. Stetcu
Induced Fission of $^{240}$Pu within a Real-Time Microscopic Framework
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 122504 (2016)
arXive: 1511.00738

I. Stetcu, C. Bertulani, A. Bulgac, P. Magierski, K.J. Roche
Relativistic Coulomb excitation within Time Dependent Superfluid Local Density Approximation
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 012701 (2015)

arXive: 1403.2671

E. Ganioglu, R. Wyss, P. Magierski
Properties of N=90 Isotones within the Mean Field Perspective
Phys. Rev. C89, 014311 (2014)

arXive: 1309.0317

G. Wlazłowski,
P. Magierski, A. Bulgac, K.J. Roche
The temperature evolution of the shear viscosity in a Unitary Fermi Gas
Phys. Rev. A 88, 013639 (2013)
arXive: 1304.2283

G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski, J.E. Drut, A. Bulgac, K.J. Roche
Cooper pairing above the critical temperature in a unitary Fermi gas

Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 090401 (2013)


G. Wlazłowski,
P. Magierski, J.E. Drut
Shear Viscosity of a Unitary Fermi Gas
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 020406 (2012)

J.E. Drut, T.A. Lähde, G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski,
The Equation of State of the Unitary Fermi Gas: An Update on Lattice Calculations
Phys. Rev. A85, 051601(R) (2012)

Piotr Magierski, Gabriel Wlazłowski,
LINPRO: linear inverse problem library for data contaminated by statistical noise

Comput. Phys. Commun. 183 (2012) 2264-2271
Associated computer program is available here

I. Stetcu, A. Bulgac, P. Magierski, K.J. Roche
Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance from the 3D Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory for Superfluid Nuclei
Phys. Rev. C84 051309 (2011)

Piotr Magierski, Gabriel Wlazłowski, Aurel Bulgac
Onset of a Pseudogap Regime in Ultracold Fermi Gases
Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 145304 (2011).


Aurel Bulgac, Yuan-Lung(Alan) Luo, Piotr Magierski, Kenneth J. Roche, Yongle Yu.
Real-Time Dynamics of Quantized Vortices in a Unitary Fermi Superfluid

Science 332, 1288 (2011).

G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski,
Superfluid properties of dilute neutron matter
Int. J. Mod. Phys. E20, 569 (2011)

Aurel Bulgac, Michael McNeil Forbes, Piotr Magierski,
The Unitary Fermi Gas: From Monte Carlo to Density Functionals,

chapter 9 in BCS-BEC Crossover and the Unitary Fermi Gas (Lecture Notes in Physics),
edited by W. Zwerger (Springer, 2011)


G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski,
Quantum Monte Carlo study of dilute neutron matter at finite temperatures,
Phys. Rev. C 83, 012801(R) (2011)


G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski,
Effective Range Expansion for the Interaction Defined on the Lattice,
Int. J. Mod. Phys. E19, p. 781-786 (2010)

G. Wlazłowski, P. Magierski,
Quantum Monte Carlo method applied to strongly correlated dilute fermi gases with finite effective range,

Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 18 919 (2009)


Krzysztof Zberecki, Paul-Henri Heenen, Piotr Magierski,
Nuclear tetrahedral configurations at spin zero,
Phys. Rev. C 79, 014319 (2009)

P. Magierski, G. Wlazłowski, A. Bulgac, J.E. Drut,
The Finite Temperature Pairing Gap of a Unitary Fermi Gas by Quantum Monte Carlo, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 210403 (2009)


Aurel Bulgac, Joaquin E. Drut, Piotr Magierski,
Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations of the BCS-BEC Crossover at Finite Temperature,
Phys. Rev. A 78, 023625 (2008)

Aurel Bulgac, Joaquin E. Drut, Piotr Magierski,
Thermodynamics of a Trapped Unitary Fermi Gas
Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 (2007) 120401


K. Zberecki, P. Magierski, P.-H. Heenen, N. Schunck
Quantum fluctuations and stability of tetrahedral deformations in atomic nuclei
Int. J. Mod. Phys. E16 (2007) 533

Piotr Magierski,
Neutron localization induced by the pairing field in inhomogeneous neutron matter,
Phys. Rev. C75, 012803(R) (2007)

K. Zberecki, P. Magierski, P.-H. Heenen, N. Schunck
Tetrahedral correlations in $^{80}$Zr and $^{98}$Zr
Phys. Rev. C74 (2006) 051302(R)


Aurel Bulgac, Joaquin E. Drut, Piotr Magierski,
Spin 1/2 Fermions in the Unitary Regime at Finite Temperature
Int. J. Mod. Phys.
B20 (2006) 5165.

Andreas Wirzba, Aurel Bulgac, Piotr Magierski
Casimir interaction between normal or superfluid grains in the Fermi sea
J. Phys. A: Math. Gen.  39 (2006) 6815-6822.

Aurel Bulgac, Piotr Magierski, Andreas Wirzba,
Scalar Casimir effect between Dirichlet spheres or a plate and a sphere,
Phys.Rev. D73 (2006) 025007.


A. Bulgac, J.E. Drut, P. Magierski,
Spin 1/2 Fermions in the Unitary Regime: A Superfluid of a New Type,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 (2006) 090404.

A. Bulgac, P. Magierski,
Eigenstates for billiards of arbitrary shapes,

Los Alamos preprint library: physics/9902057

A. Bulgac, P. Magierski, A. Wirzba
Fermionic Casimir Effect in Case of Andreev Reflection
Europhys. Lett.
72 (2005) 327.

P. Magierski, A. Bulgac
Nuclear structure and dynamics in the inner crust of neutron stars,
Nucl. Phys. 
A738C (2004) 143.

A. Bulgac, P.H. Heenen, P. Magierski, A. Wirzba, Y.Yu
Unexpected goings-on in the structure of a neutron star crust
in Tours Symposium on Nuclear Physics V, eds. M. Arnould et al.
AIP Conference Proceedings, vol.
704,  483 (2004);
a slightly enlarged version to be published by World Scientific.
See also nucl-th/0311023

P. Magierski, A. Bulgac
Nuclear hydrodynamics in the inner crust of neutron stars
Acta Phys. Pol.
B35 (2004) 1203.

P. Magierski,
In-medium ion mass renormalization and lattice vibrations
in the neutron star crust,
Int. J. Mod. Phys.
E13 (2004) 371.

P. Magierski, A. Bulgac, P.-H. Heenen,
Exotic nuclear phases in the inner crust of neutron stars in the light of
Skyrme-Hartree-Fock theory,
Nucl. Phys. 
A 719 (2003) 217c.

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, P.-H. Heenen,
Structure of the inner crust of neutron stars: Crystal lattice or disordered phase ?
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Neutron stars and the fermionic Casimir effect,
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Structure of the Nucleus at the Dawn of the Century,
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Los Alamos preprint library: nucl-th/0009026.

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Selected aspects of physics of fermionic bubbles,
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Shell Effects in Bubble Nuclei, Atomic Clusters, and Inhomogeneous Neutron Matter,
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Neutron Stars and Quantum Billiards,
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Odd-even staggering of binding energies as a consequence of pairing and mean-field effects,
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Quantum corrections to the ground state energy of inhomogeneous neutron matter,
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(Erratum: Nucl. Phys. A703 (2002) 892)

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Selfconsistent effective interactions and symmetry restoration,
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The role of pairing correlations for the description of beta vibrations at superdeformed shapes
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Collective rotational-vibrational transition in the very neutron-deficient nuclei 171,172Pt
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The excitation of a quantum gas of independent particles under periodic perturbation in integrable or non-integrable potential
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